Magnificent Manors & Tatty Taverns – Game Masterʼs Survival Pack – Volume I


Magnificent Manors & Tatty Taverns, Game Masterʼs Survival Pack – Volume I, by Wolfgang Röhling, 77 p., price: 10,00 EUR

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Magnificent Manors & Tatty Taverns 
Game Masterʼs Survival Pack – Volume I
by Wolfgang Röhling
No time to develop a castle, temple or mansion for a game session? No floor plan for an inn handy when a bar brawl breaks out… again? Then you need “Magnificent Manors & Tatty Taverns
– Game Master´s Survival Pack Volume I“ –.
Inside you will find ten floor plans for all occassions: seven complex buildings, plus three inns in extra large size ready to use.
Each building comes with:
– a sketch of the building to show your players
– two sets of complex floor plans:  one for the players, the other one for the GM
– an adventure idea in/around this building
Easy to use!
Suitable for ALL game systems:
Fantasy: for instance – RuneQuest – HeroQuest – Dungeons & Dragons – Harnmaster –
Horror & Mystery: for instance – Call of Cthulhu – World of Darkness – Gumshoe –
Cyberpunk & Science Fiction: for instance – Shadowrun – Cyberpunk – Traveller –
Format: DIN A4, 77 p., perfect binding

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