Finsterland – Adventures in a World of Magic and Technology (englisch) (PDF-Download)


Finsterland (engl.) Steampunk-Roleplaying Game, (PDF-Download), 172 p., ISBN 978-3-946759-25-6, price: 12,50 EUR
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A continent with a long and mysterious history, full of dark forests, ancient cities and unscalable mountains. Sinister creatures of steel and
fire, conspiracies, magic and long forgotten nightmares threaten this world.
New inventions, the consequences of which have yet to be assessed, spread like wildfire. Bold and heinous charlatans come up with exciting ideas that entice the masses.
The old rules and traditions are a thing of the past; new heroes are willing to risk everything to make their mark on the world.
With courage, magic, knowledge, guts and charisma they set forth. They fight to bring the people hope, to fend off horrors and pave the way for the coming of a new age.
Finsterland is a role-playing game for at least three players, ages 16 and up. This book contains all the rules and world background required to start immediately.

Format: DIN A4, (PDF-Download), 172 pages, ISBN 978-3-946759-25-6

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